These services are designed for the individual employee to increase their personal sense of motivation and engagement with their work. Individual employees may approach us independently, or organizations may approach us to increase the general motivation level of specific employees with this set of services.

  • Career Choice: In confidential individual or group settings, WE would facilitate a series of coaching sessions to uncover and develop individual passion for a chosen career at the organization. The idea would be to align individuals’ personal life philosophy with career purpose, aspirations and fulfillment.
  • Career Growth Path: We would help individuals and the organization look at a career progression and define growth objectives in terms of what their career goals are and what the organization offers them for future success.
  • Career and the Self: We use a facilitation approach based on philosophical counseling to align the individual self with a career purpose in terms of who they are as people, their personality fit, and their personal work style. This would help employees determine a career purpose, growth plan, and set goals.
  • Work-Life Balance: We would help individual employees manage their priorities at work by identifying what is important to them personally and professionally. The main goal here is to facilitate a time management scheme to maintain a work-life balance.
  • Impact Awareness: In a joint effort with the management, we would design an awareness campaign for employees to know about how their job contributes to the organization’s success in terms of profit, efficiency, and customer satisfaction to increase organisational commitment.
  • Courage: This unique service in leadership entails first working with the top management to define individual authority levels and then a facilitative methodology would be designed to instill individuals with courage to take decisions and commit to actions with confidence and positivity.
  • Long-Term Planning: We help key individual employees strategically plan their job responsibilities in order to achieve their expected results by designing individualized action plans. The plans are implemented and followed up with specific activities to be executed by higher management.
  • Inter-Personal Relations: Employees will be coached in confidence about the quality of their relationships with colleagues, managers, customers, and suppliers through a specific agenda created after assessing how their relationships affect job performance and business results.
  • Ownership: Together with the management we would create an individual culture of ownership for responsibilities, actions, mistakes, and results. A series of workshop and coaching sessions would be designed and key measures of what defines ownership would be assessed.
  • Commitment: We design and facilitate commitment engagement sessions with individual employees in a group setting with their higher managers. Commitment sessions aim to help employees emotionally and intellectually bind themselves to their job, department, and organization.
  • Learning: We would help the relevant management level create a Knowledge-Management System based on a customized learning model. Employees would then participate in interactive workshop sessions to increase their learning capabilities on the job by analyzing mistakes and success stories.
  • Self-Improvement: Together with individual employees we would develop self-improvement plans based on an analysis of what their developmental needs are. This would also include specific practices for the purpose of increasing individual learning, commitment, and ownership at a genuine level.
  • Job Clarity: Together with the management we would create a program for employees to help them obtain clarity on their job responsibilities, lines of authority, and areas of decision-making. All areas of concern and confusion would be dealt with and new action steps towards clarity will be initiated.
  • Goal-Achievement: As higher management sets new goals for employees we would help create goal-achievement strategies and plans so that individual employees can achieve expected results. Plans would include the use of specialized knowledge, abilities, and competencies of individuals.
  • Resource Allocation: Individual employees would be helped to allocate and use available resources effectively, creatively, and justly on the job to maximize their returns. Resources may include technology, manpower, equipment and creative ideas for utilizing them are generated.
  • Delegation: In order to help individual line managers achieve key results for the organization we would help them identify what work can be delegated down the line to reduce micromanagement. Delegation involves clear communication of performance and results to lower level employees.